christmas music season is here


Thanksgiving has come, and with it, the unofficial start of the holiday season. More specifically, televisions and radios will be crammed with Christmas ads and music for the next twenty-six days.

Christmas-related movies and music were an important part of my upbringing.  My parents have been divorced my entire life, and the idea of media creating some sort of unity is nice.  One of ,my earliest memories revolves around the movie A Christmas Story.


A holiday season staple now,  A Christmas Story was a charming comedy in my youth, brought out once or twice in December. I grew to love the movie, gaining a fear of guns. Sometime around the age of four, I got chicken pox. The solution to this? Well, a little bit of medicine and a lot of A Christmas Story. Knowing that it would come on every year, without fail, was something I genuinely enjoyed.  I began to associate it with good feelings, and my general perception of Christmas.

The other end of the spectrum is Christmas music.  Brought upon us once a year, certain radio stations provide 24 hours of novelty entertainment. For the first week or so, it’s somewhat comforting to hear those old favorites. Everything from the more religious fare like “Joy to the World”, even if you’re a non-believer like me, to the more modern take on things like Run DMC‘s “Christmas in Hollis“.

No one’s Christmas is complete without hearing Mariah Carey belt out “All I Want for Christmas (Is You)” at least once. In most cases, once is enough. The music gets repetitive, and saturates you from every possible audio source.  “Wonderful Christmastime” can be heard not just on the radio, but at the drugstore, the grocery store, the bank, the big box store–all in one day.  All one can do is deal with it, and change the radio station once inside their car. 

The holiday season has a lot of great moments and ideas.  Traditional movies, favorite songs, and maybe a cup or two of hot chocolate. Sometimes, it gets unbearable. The best thing you can do is deal with it and avoid it all possible costs.


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