Welcome To 2 Quarters Down!


A while back, there was a Fall Out Boy song called “Dance Dance”. Truth be told, I hated that song. One line kept sticking out in my head though- “I’m two quarters and a heart down”. When Phil asked me to start this site, that immediately came to my mind as a sort of perfect summation of what we’re trying to do at Two Quarters Down.

What does Two Quarters Down mean, to me?  It’s a representation of being on that final life in a classic arcade game, getting those halftime adjustments in an a football game, or being half done with a long television marathon on Netflix. We’ll be covering all of that and more here on 2QD.

A little about me, then?  My initials are HAS and we’ll leave it at that for now. I’m a life-long lover of culture, mass-produced and specific. Hell, I even have a minor in pop-culture studies. Come along with us on a weird, non-specific ride among the things that fill up our lives.